Saturday, May 10, 2014

In just two days time...

... I will be flying home to the United Kngdom for a long overdue visit. It will be wonderful to spend days with my mother in Worcester. The weekend in Suffolk will be a refreshing reunion. And the opportunities to advance my notes and photographs of the rural churches of Worcestershire are exciting.

I plan to spend the hours of at least three days wandering those important parishes. One or two have  been declared redundant. Most are actually thriving. I hope I won't bore you with the blog posts which are yet to be written bug I hope to convey something not only of history, but also some of the quirky tales of these countryside communities.

Parishes with names like North Piddle, Upton Snodsbury and Grafton Flyford will grace your computer screens. I will enjoy them. I hope you will also.

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