Friday, May 30, 2014

Bungay Antiques Fair 2014

A few weeks ago I woke up in a country rectory in Suffolk, England.  Not a remarkable or unplanned event in itself as a few of us were gathered there for a weekend of reunion which involved a great deal of croquet, canasta, food and drink – and a Sunday morning spent at the annual Antiques and Plant fair in the nearby town of Bungay.

Nestling in a bend of the Rover Waveney the town of Bungay has a long and proud pedigree. Not far to the north the Celtic tribe Iceni made their capital.  The Romans garrisoned soldiers in what is now the outlying hamlet of Wainford. From the 5th century, when the Romans had had enough of the weather and the food, the Saxons moved in and left plenty of archeological litter to fill our museums.  Normans came after 1066 and generally tidied up by imposing manorial government.  And thereafter, over three hundred years, wonderful country churches were built.

Bungay is a delightful country town, and on that peaceful and sunny Sunday morning in May it thronged with people and wares.  I’ll let the photographs take up the narrative at this point – for they speak for themselves. (Clicking on each image will link to an enlargement.)

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