Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tempus Non Fugit

Only three days of August remaining and these columns have not uttered a word of late.  A sense of guilt, or is it neglect, crept over me when I counted the days on the calendar and realized that I had not posted since the sixth day of the month.  Yet it seems longer than that, for August has a tendency to drag its heels every year.

As previously reported the east end of the island is under siege.  But so is any tourist honey-pot during the height of summer.  And for those of us who attempt to live routine lives when all around them are intent on frenetic pleasures the key obstacle to doing so is the traffic.  Highway traffic, of course.  It took my daughter an hour and three-quarters to drive home from Riverhead yesterday - a journey that ordinarily takes less than half that time. And a simple plan such as driving to the next village has to take into account long tailbacks and dangerous driving on the back, country lanes.

Journey times aside, it is also cars and the number of cars that keep me from my loves of fishing and boating at this time of year.  For even in the remotest places, by beach, lake or creek, there are cars carrying visitors, picnickers and others enjoying all that the great outdoors can offer.  And why not!  Good luck to them!  I hope that the weather gods smile on them for the short remainder of their vacation, and on me next week when I take up a fly rod and drive effortlessly to an empty stretch of water.

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