Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aestas Fugit

On the fourth day of August it was quite extraordinary how the air and the social atmosphere had changed. Oh, we’re still enjoying (if that is the word) mostly fine days and warm sunshine, but when I rose at 5:55 that morning there was an unexpected coolness and total absence of humidity. Dare I say it – a light touch of autumn in the air.  Of course all this had changed by the time I arrived at church an hour and a half later, but it still left me wondering where part of the summer had gone.  I shared these thoughts with a parishioner after the early service of Holy Communion (a dyed in the wool hunting and fishing man) and his eyes gleamed.  Yes, he said. And the geese are moving early. Taking this to be some kind of code I merely nodded.  But I knew what he meant.

Socially we are at the apex of the summer season and the remaining days of August will be different from all the rest of the natural year.  For the creature known as the “August Renter” (aestas pensio) has arrive.  Aggressive in car and many other observable traits; interesting plumage; a disbeliever in standing in line and many common courtesies; agitated in the cause of enjoying their temporary habitat and their vacation experience (sic.) 

Oh yes, the geese are moving early.  Perhaps not early enough.

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