Friday, August 8, 2014

Cleanliness is… Oh, wait.

The second week without a washing machine.  The replacement parts are “in” but it is proving difficult to coordinate a visit from the repair man.  So the routine of taking larger items to the laundromat has been established.  Smaller, lighter clothes can be washed by hand at home, and as I “did a load of smalls” yesterday my mind wandered, with more than a little nostalgia, to my first year as an Assistant Curate in Somerset, England.  In my small curate’s house I had no washing machine and could not afford one either.  Sheets and towels were taken (on foot – I had no car) to the East Street Launderette each week and the rest was done in the kitchen sink!

My whole domestic cycle changed later that year when my friend and fellow curate from Dorset, upgrading his laundry arrangements, donated his Hotpoint Twin Tub.  Running on casters it could be moved across the kitchen and connected to the taps by a rubber hose.  The drain hose could then be hooked over the edge of the sink.

I was a laundry king!  From that day forward I could wash, rinse and spin to my heart’s content.  I wonder if modern, newly-ordained clergy appreciate the same simple pleasures.

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