Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let there be Light(s)

A light in my winter
For spring dreams to come
Shady darkish tinter
Where my summer is from
A light in white frost
For the blossoming dreams
Those with autumn were lost
In oblivion river streams.

Each morning come glowing
With sunshine and day
Through the darkness going
To lead forthcoming way
When rose shall reddish
So lovesome in my bed
To bring in spring wish
Through their colors red.

A light in my heart
To fulfill my dark eyes
For blossoms shall start
When there are blue skies
And again summer spring
With each beauty of worth
And birds in trees to sing
Every song of new earth.

Rich but gentle words by Peter S Quinn, but my words were nothing of the kind yesterday afternoon when, having stubbed my toe on an old tree stump I hopped around only to find the exact spot that Lizzie the labrador chooses to use for her morning latrine. What was I doing?  Starting my annual, and now traditional task of putting in place thousands of outdoor lights in time for the Christmas season.  What began as a single grazing stag evolved over the years into a brilliant extravaganza.  It takes many days and much testing of cables and bulbs, but when all is wired and done it is immensely satisfying to walk up the road, look back and see the finished work.

And I tell myself – this is not just for Christmas.  It is part of December and entering winter and the approaching solstice.  An act of defiance maybe, as mornings and evenings are now dark.  And like those pagans of old, an act of hope that spring will come, eventually.  Even when I take down those lights after the Epiphany, the rite and ritual has been fulfilled.  But the images live on until it’s time for Lent – and the putting away of such pagan things!

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