Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PENNY’S POND: A Hidden Jewel in Hampton Bays. A Mainly Pictorial Post.

Mention Penny’s Pond to many people who live in Hampton Bays and you will be met with at best a bemused look.  Yet a mere two miles to the north of that hamlet is a fifteen acre lake - a kettle pond (as its only source of water is precipitation) - that is well and truly off the beaten track.  Even the public drivable sand road leaves the explorer some way south of the pond and it takes some fifteen minutes of brisk walking along a smaller trail before the first glimpse of water.  Unable to fish that day I walked to the pond for the first time, then explored a trail to the north, and will return with the lightweight fishing tackle as soon as I can.

Notes to the wise angler:  This is not free fishing – County permits (as well as State licenses) are needed, and these are for Suffolk residents only.  The southern marked trail leads the hiker to a shore of the pond that is too shallow to fish and where lily pads are broad and far.  To even hope for an encounter with largemouth bass and other species one must find the unmarked northern path, where there are channels through the lilies and the water is much deeper. And here my lips are sealed.

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